Monday, 10 September 2018

First electric sport bike with once a charge 500 km mileage

The Mankame EP-1 is the first electric sports bike with one time charge this  bike with huge 500 km huge average. it is possible because of high capable battery backup.all specifications and features oh this bikes is not declared by company,check it on we will be give you all information asap.

Features of this bikes is very fast like light speed acceleration with dynamic body design.we also say very high battery back-up is liquid cooled 18.4 KWh battery pack.

bikes mileage is more than 500 km in one time charging ,bikes top speed is more than 250 km\Hr. I think this speed is very high speed.

breaking system is as a expected dual breaking system (Disc break) front disc break is a 320mm and rear disc break 245mm , with ABS (Anti-Lock breaking) system also available.


1. Mankame EP-1 is indias first electric sport bike
2. Maximum speed of this bike is more than 250 km/Hr. (approx. 251km/Hr)
3. Huge battery back 18.4 KWh
4. Once a charge bike with more than 500 km mileage.

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