Friday, 5 October 2018

World's fastest Super SUV Car

Super Luxurious Car production company "Lamborghini" launches new super luxurious SUV car 'URUS'.this is the worlds fastest SUV car.URUS is the worlds first Super Sports SUV car,Design of this vehicle is outstanding and excellent.lets see the all specifications of first SportsSUV car "Lamborghini URUS".
Overall "Lamborghini URUS "is very beautiful SUV car with exterior and interior design .

 First see the Engine And Transmission information : In "Lamborghini URUS " uses the V8 bi-turbo engine with maximum power output is 478 kW/650 HP, URUS performance level is unbelievable.
8 cylinders are used,Displacement is a 243.85 cu in , Maximum power of URUS is 650 HP (478kW),Maximum torque 850nm,Mximum engine speed is 6800 rpm. Transmission of this car is four wheel drive with asymetric/dynamic torque.

SPEED : URUS is Specially designed for Speed ,Speed of this car is 305km/h,this is one of the fastest speed of SUV car, in only 3.6 seconds this car collect the speed upto 100km/H, Economy of URUS is 8km/H.

WHEELS : Front side Rims size are 9.5 J*21" ET28 and rear side rim size is 10.5J*21" ET18, also front side tyre size is 285/45 ZR21 and rear side tyre size is 315/40 ZR21

Brake System : In "Lamborghini URUS" different brakes are used used for front side and rear side , front brakes are carbon-ceramic brakes with 440mm diameter and thickness is 40mm and rear side brakes are also Carbon-ceramic brakes with 370mm diameter and thickness is 30mm.

Dimensions : weight of "Lamborghini URUS" is approx. 2200 kg, Length is 5112 mm(201.16 inch), width is 2016 mm(79.37 inch) (including mirror width is 2181 mm,85.87 inch), Height is 1638 mm(64.5 inch) ,wheelbase is 3003 mm (118.23 inch), Fuel tank capacity is 75/85 ltr (19.81/22.45 gallons).

Safety and Features : Airbags,side airbags,passenger airbags are available in this SUV, ABS system available ,electronic stability program also added in URUS,power door lock,child safety lock available,rain sensing wipers,headlight washers and headlamp beam adjuster also available.

PRICE : Lamborghini URUS available in price of upto 3.5 crore with available in four colors first is Bianco Monocerus,second is Blu Achelious third is Giallo Evros and last one is Blu Fontus.


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